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In right now’s video, i am styling my *BOYFRIEND’S* garments into cute outfits! (those that match lol). My boyfriend Drew has the cutest model, so I made a decision to raid his …

41 thoughts on “styling my *BOYFRIEND'S* garments into cute outfits! (those that match lol)

  1. I LOOOOVED all these looks!! I especially loved the overall look! But honestly every single one was so cute and made me want to get creative again with my clothes. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. With the cow skirt outfit I think it’s the shirt that threw it off. If it were solid or a black graphic tee I think it’d look better

  3. i feel like you loved all of these outfits more than the stuff you’ve gotten in try on haul videos🤣 this was such a cool video to watch keep up the great content!

  4. Where’d you get the boots from your first outfit?? LOVE. I have such a hard time finding over-the-knee boots that aren’t awkwardly tight 🙃

  5. I think a white turtleneck layered underneath the v neck sweater in the first outfit would really step it up, and make it even cuter. Love this video concept!

  6. Drew is hot, and he also has a beautiful soul. I know that people present the best possible things online, but there is an element of truth, and I am just drowning in shit men over here in Aotearoa. It is nice to know that men like Drew actually exist in this world.

  7. Can you please do more Pinterest but midsize outfits??? I look to you as SUCH a style icon and it’s so nice to see bodies like mine represented

  8. Yes yes yes, dark academia ! I need some inspiration. I like to dress like a chic librarian at work and I think the dark academia style is similar!

  9. Love all of the outfits! This is such a great way to use what you own to style new outfits! Favorite though was the gray shirt and the red shirt – it was like a cool going out look and a comfy doing anything look. Thanks again for the ideas!

  10. Okay hear me out, style your clothes on Drew! I feel like it’s seen as more acceptable for women to wear men’s clothes rather than vice versa and I would love to see what you could come up with!

  11. How about a “pandemic made me do it” series where you try things people started doing because of the pandemic like knitting, sewing a mask, baking bread?

  12. all of these were SOOOO cute. my only comment is i think the reason why the last look threw you off is because the font of the shirt is too similar of a size to the cow print pattern.

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