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TARGET FALL HAUL // necessities!
🍂 ☕ LIMITED EDITION all the autumn issues sweatshirt accessible for pre-order NOW!

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Getting within the Fall Temper Vlog! ➜
FIRST IMPRESSIONS + fall make-up ➜

◇ Fuzzy Pumpkin (cannot discover on-line)
◇ Wild Fable Tye Dye Shirt
◇ Methodology Dishwasher Packs
◇ Keep Cozy Dish Towel (cannot discover on-line)
◇ Neatly Toothbrushes
◇ Thank You Notes
◇ Common Threads Camel Hoodie
◇ Wild Fable Cream Hoodie
◇ Hand In Hand Hand Sanitizer
◇ Persil Porclean Authentic Laundry Detergent Discs
◇ Trim Slant/Level Tweezers
◇ Crest 3D White Toothpaste
◇ Nasacort Allergy 24HR
◇ Up & Up Nasal Spray lol
◇ Moist N Wild Photofocus Pure End Setting Spray
◇ Moist N Wild Photofocus Matte End Setting Spray
◇ Wild Fable Puff Brief Sleeve Smocked Costume
◇ L’oreal Desire Hair Shade 2BL Black Sapphire
◇ Revlon Colorsilk Hair Shade Black


◇ Eyes: Make-up Geek Matrix Impartial Palette Peach Smoothie, Tiki Hut (10% OFF with code “TAYLORWYNN”)
◇ Lips: Colourpop Platform (not made)
◇ Nails: Expressie Faux The Esspresso
◇ Necklace: Miranda Frye London (code WYNN10 for 10% OFF complete website!)
◇ Earrings: gold twist hoops from Etsy
All of my on a regular basis jewellery worn is linked right here!
◇ Jacket: Categorical (not accessible)
◇ Hanging cabinets behind me: Wayfair just a few years in the past
#fallhaul2020 #targethaul

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48 thoughts on “TARGET FALL HAUL 2020 // necessities, fall decor, clothes, hair dye I take advantage of!

  1. I just need to let everyone know that…….that hand sanitizer is the worst thing I’ve ever smelled in my entire life HOLY SHIZ. Picture emergen-c, crushed vitamins, mixed with vodka. It’s bad folks. Don’t do it. But anyways, happy fall 🍁 I’m really excited about Wednesday’s video, so I think I’m actually going to upload it Wednesday morning, maybe around 11 am or so and switch things up. 🖤 see ya then.

  2. Fav dishwasher pods are Seventh Generation you can find pretty much at any supermarket and GG Grab Green you can find at Fred Meyer! Hope this helps! 🧼🍽

  3. I think you should keep both sweaters but the one with the neon strings you should do a DIY Tie Dye!! That’d be so cute (:

  4. My favorite dishwasher pods are the Cascade Complete! Not complete advance or pro advance or whatever. Just the mid-line complete! Don’t know why, but it just works!

  5. Try doing a combo of one dishwasher pac in the bottom and fill the container with dishwasher liquid… works really well for my dishwasher.

  6. I like the orangey colored sweater better 🍊 (but mostly because I would destroy any light colored clothing with food stains lol) Love your jacket in this video!

  7. I prob shouldn't say this cause I keep telling everyone & I really don't want to have a hard time finding it, lol but Persil is all I've bought for a couple years now. It's actually (proven) the best detergent, in terms of cleaning and stain removal. I researched studies to find out what the best one was, and when Persil seemed to take the lead for cleaning power in the studies, I started buying it and never went back. The Intense Fresh scent is REALLY strongly scented. Now I'm nose blind to it (when you get used to a smell bc you have been using it so long, just like with a perfume etc) so it doesn't bother me anymore but it's powerful. I especially like it on my bedding because the scent lingers.
    I've always bought a separate detergent for my daughter because you shouldn't ever use detergent containing scents or dyes on your children's laundry (ESPECIALLY babies & toddlers) but then I realized Persil has a Sensitive Skin formula now!! Now I just need to find it at one of my local grocery stores!

  8. Keep both hoodies girl, they are both equally adorable, and you work your butt off!! Keep them both, you deserve them 100%!!!

  9. LOL RE: the hand sanitizer! I came to the comments to look for anything on the horrid scent of it. I also bought it for the cute pump bottle & was so disappointed. 🤮

  10. Would you ever consider coloring your hair dark brown, for a change? I think it would really complement you well & warm up your complexion!! 😍 I was watching videos from when you had the grey/ silver hair and it was sooo cute.

  11. I think both of the hoodies look great with your skin tone, so maybe choose the one you can’t duplicate in your current closet? 🖤🌯🖤🌯🖤

  12. I gave away my Persil because the scent was way too strong for me. Like a mix of clean and cologne. Strong scents like these cause migraines for me, but we’re all different with different preferences

  13. I think you should keep both hoodies! They're very different styles and I think you'll get a lot of use out of both of them. ❤️

  14. Get the Oral-b circle heads, since size is the issue?? You can buy the toothbrush n buy replacement heads in-store, Amazon or most likely wherever you shop for that.

  15. You have such good taste! Fuzzy pumpkin? Yes plz 😅 BTW that shelf behind u has been giving me some serious side eye for the duration of this vid 👀

  16. I wanna go to a store soooo bad. I’m on immunosuppressants so I can’t but boy do I want to! I’ve only been going to doctors appointments but I’m going stir crazy. I live in the boonies on lots of land so I can get out and walk but that’s not the same as going and shopping and having a nice dinner out somewhere. I will live vicariously through your Target haul 😌

  17. I also have the issue of a small mouth. My mother was a dental hygienist before I was born (40+ years ago) and recommends looking for toothbrushes that say compact. I know Oral B makes one. And yes, every 3 mos is the norm for replacing toothbrushes unless you have a cold; then replace it as soon as you are well. It has to do with the bristles getting frayed at the tips over time and not cleaning efficiently.

  18. Keep the cream hoodie and return the hand crap ! I am all about Mrs . Meyer's products now and can't say enough about them Peony and Lavender are faves .Hi, Taylor , I can't believe how long I've been watching you 4-5 yrs. . Persil is what I used when we lived in Europe in the mid 70s . AWESOME ! PC totally messed up but I am not going back , sorry . Love all you do in your vlogs . Thanks ! XXOO Karen M. TX

  19. Dishwasher detergent, Cascade platinum, I use plain white vinegar in the rinse cycle. Only thing that gets my dishes clean and spot free!

  20. That dress you bought looks super cute!! And I think the first hoodie you should keep, maybe I'm biased but pockets rein supreme over everything else, plus if you like the color then why not?

  21. Dollar Spot – dog mascot used to be named Spot. Now her name is Bullseye – so that area is now the “bullseye playground” 😆

  22. Love your hauls Taylor!! Regarding the hoodies I would return the cream colored one but I think both are adorbs🤗 I definitely am going to try that laundry detergent. It sounds like it smells heavenly. Can't wait till Wednesday pls upload in morning. Xoxo love u💜😷✌🏼️💁🏻🌸

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