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25 thoughts on “Terminator 2 "I want your garments, your boots and your motorbike" 1080p

  1. Huh. That's interesting. Arnold didn't need to like use his weight to start the motorcycle. I remember watching an episode of Smallville a long time ago, like season 2 or 3 when he goes evil. At some point he has to start his motorcycle and Clark Kent seems like he uses his weight to start it. I always thought that was weird for Superman to do that and probably a small error overlooked. But here Arnold just flicks his wrist which is probably accurate since he's a robot with strength. Also I don't know anything about motorcycles if you need to use your weight to start certain motorcycles or not. Just a weird thought I had.

  2. I kind of wish the Terminator had said "Thank you" after the guy threw him the keys, just to reinforce how poor its understanding of human social interactions would be.

  3. So in the early 90s every bike had a shotgun holster? And every bartender had bad ass sunglasses in their front shirt pocket? I belong there.

  4. It's funny how all the girls in the bar are instant wet when seeing him naked. Probably was their real reaction, I mean Arnold looked like fucking Adonis back then, kinda still does.

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