Clothing and…

thrift shops are bins of treasures and unpolished diamonds! hope you all like this video. get pleasure from!

28 thoughts on “the way to fashion second hand garments!

  1. i just love thrift stores!!!!!!!!! i like to spend as little money as possible and its the perfect place for clothesXD found a dress for 2b bebe for about 6$ !!

  2. WOW!!! you make me want to raid my mom's closet. I think all her old clothes are tacky but you seem like you could make a trash bag look trendy! Really great job!

  3. OMG you're so creative when styling. I'm bad at matching clothes together so I was amazed how great your outfits were. Great job!

  4. Hats off to you. You are indeed a stylist. I would have never seen treasures in those clothes, but they look really good to me now! Loved your video please make more. It was a definite eye opener.

  5. please do a fashion video. like, your favorite outfits to wear in summer or something like that!!! please, i really like your style. and it's pretty similar to mine, so i can get some ideas:D

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