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Comply with together with the organizing grasp and your drawers won’t ever look neater. Learn the article right here: Need extra movies? SUBSCRIBE: …

47 thoughts on “Tips on how to Fold Your Garments With Marie Kondo | RS Dwelling | How-To | Actual Easy

  1. I hadn’t ever had a conversation with my clothes. So I tried it. I threw out the non-sparky things and kept the sparky things. Folded them neatly. Then when I went to wear them they told me I was too fat. No more conversations.

  2. When your mother buyed you clothes that you didbt even wear one time xD. “Thank you for your support even tho I didnt wear you@ xD

  3. If someone here doesn't like how she's organizing why are you watching her videos in the first place? Maybe bc you need to get stuff organised and don't know how but you're too lazy to begin in the first place. I couldn't find joy in my clothes but after seeing it through her method I tried to declutter as much as I could. Now I'm happy to look at my clothes, so if you like it or not her method works..

  4. Marie, I have several tank tops that are the same color, but with different designs on the front. How can I fold them, that I will be able to tell them apart, without having to unfold them?

    I also, have 4 pair of black leggings, with different accents near the ankle (lacy, snaps, cutouts, appliqués). How do I fold so That the design shows?

  5. I find it interesting that people so readily mock Konmari, but haven't tried any of her methods.
    My clothing JOY is shirts from bands — local mostly. Wearing them reminds me of a good experience, expresses my support for the band, and is part of my message to others. Folding them the Konmari way allows me to see at a glance what I have. When I folded them the "old way" and piled them in drawers, I rarely reached to the bottom and frequently made shirts untidy looking through them. This saves me tons of time. It also makes clothes fast an easy to pack, whether going to the gym, away for a weekend or a month.

  6. Not one piece of clothing I own sparks joy. So I threw everything away and now I am naked and the neighbors called the cops on me. Thanks a lot.

  7. That is ridiculous, I mean she hasn't invented nothing new here!! She put a new name to sth that its a common sense. And her folding method of clothes…………if i dont work, i dont eat then maybe I would have time to do it this way

  8. No bigbdeal she has just found the best influencer or publisher or producer ehatever. Not worth the attention she is creating. Good example how someone or thig if marketed well can becaome a sensation

  9. I would like to know how wrinkled the clothes are later. My husband folds and then rolls his t shirts that he wears to the gym, and they are in 50 wrinkles when he takes them out.

  10. I swear this is crazy… how she made everyone believe In her way of doing something that everyone should be able to do with their own common sense

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