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I am going looking for a strive on clothes haul, and I’ll be bolder and extra expressive, even when my first thought is, I am unable to get away with this, any further …

30 thoughts on “Too Previous To Put on This?? Autumn Clothes Haul 2020 | Davina McCall

  1. Davina it's a crying shame if you dont wear that tie dye! I love you, you are my inspiration, every time I drag my ass out for a run! 🙂

  2. Davina to keep the mask from falling down the white strip at the top bends to grip to the 👃 to stop it falling down 👍 great channel ❤️

  3. I think when we get "older" (I'm 60 next month!!) we just think automatically "am I too old for this?" It's in our genetic makeup. I felt like I lost my identity with clothes when I turned 50, am still trying to find my new style for my age. I still wear a bovva boot with my skinnies though 😂 I laughed out loud at the sunshine out of the vagina comment!!

  4. Some things do look a bit young but this is your last chance Davina ( believe me I’m 61 and I feel the same as you but that ship has sailed) so go for it! 😄👍

  5. You somehow managed to pull all of them off. Loved the tie-dye, could wear at home as loungewear? Also loved the shacket.
    Intrigued to know where you buy jeans and your underwear (looked lovely but comfy). Phenomenal inspiration as always x.

  6. You're showing off Davina…you know you look good so you wanna show the world that you're 52 and you have a good figure… I've got friends like this who pretend to be like "oh I dnt think I look gd" they want validation 🤔 you're a confident woman or else you would NEVER show off your body like that 🙄

  7. You have an amazing figure but tie dye and crop tops are just not right, in my opinion of course. It's up to each person what they feel comfortable wearing.

  8. Part of your Posse 😁 love these posts & thanks to you I received the most wonderful kind much needed message that has ever come through my letterbox within a parcel which was a product I bought from your recommendation, It meant so much to me , keep posting your vids x

  9. The first outfit yellow and the checked trousers and box top looked fantastic but I always think that you have to have a good shape to wear trends when you get older and you certainly have an amazing shape . So pleased you have started your own channel have always admired your style and you as a presenter since street date ! Keep em coming Davina x p.s Beautiful cats ❤️

  10. You looked fab in all of them Davina though I completely understand your not being comfy as I now feel the same about showy clothes …I’m now wondering if this is because we are brainwashed! Would you wear the gorgeous yellow fluffy crop top in France?

  11. Loving your videos. It’s like going shopping with your bestie. All outfits looked great but check suit best. At 54 I agree, you have to go with what you like and, as long as you look good (and you do) and you feel good that’s what it’s about. I always said I’d end up being a Bet Lynch in my old age, bold and carefree.

  12. Love the red pleather trousers on u would of teamed it with another top though and heels for a night out would look banging 👍🏻🙋🏻‍♀️ also the checked trousers & boxy top loved those on u!! Love yellow too-great vid u should do more, wanna get me done of those pleather trousers, but will prob stick with black 🤷🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️😘

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