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Hi there loves! Right now I’m doing a stylish and low-cost strive on haul! I additionally share the place I like to purchase my low-cost garments! Stylish garments for affordable!! Come Try …


  1. Ummm 🤔🤔my 1st video was I guess❤ girl talk from #luhhsetty 😆😆 if u are subscribed to luhhsetty and if u r a Nicolette like

    Oh my God #Nicolettaxo liked my comment!!😱😍😍😘😘😘 Thanks Nicoletta luv you 😘❤

  2. it's so cute you have the baby babble to go with your baby tops… lol j/k I just had to say that when you messed up on your talking besides that Wicked cute clothes..

  3. What drew me to being on YouTube all the time but actually hair hacks beauty hacks all kind of hacks and then they started coming out with hairstyles and teaching you how to do different things I find it fascinating and I still find it fascinating I just miss all the videos with beauty hacks cleaning hacks makeup hacks Exedra get the point that's why I love your videos you do all different kinds creative and I love that….

  4. Can we all just please look we're she clearly put "CHEAP" in the title I've been in urban planet before and that's not cheap I'm only 3:18 in the video and I'm not even going to watch the rest she must be rich to think that's cheap

  5. You're gorgeous! Is your nationality Romanian?! 😀 I'm sorry to ask I'm just curious because your name sounds very Romanian.

  6. i first followed you on twitter! Then you retweeted my tweet and i freaked out! Lol! You werent that famous then but you became so so successful ❤️

  7. I use to hate my thin lips but now she is here and slays the thin lips! I think there prettier than full lips, it makes her smile so perfect! I now love my thin lips thanks to you, Nicoletta ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

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