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TSF(Thug Slaughter Drive) The Hammer Crew current The “No Tight Garments” Motion directed by LoveBorn Digital.

40 thoughts on “TSF(Thug Slaughter Drive) Presents NO TIGHT CLOTHES

  1. I can't tell whether or not I should take this mess seriously. If what they're rapping about is serious to them, then it's moronic at best, meaning they are fucking idiots. If they're having a go and joking… it's still not really funny at all, because it just isn't clever enough. My guess is they're serious, and they are as unintelligent as they are really portraying themselves to be.

  2. lol this baptism canal street chain wearing around his forehead cornball will put your "hesh kit" on blast with the quickness

  3. As most of us know, Homosexuals run Hip Hop! All the executives and CEOs in these major record companies! Are Homosexuals! The people behind the scenes and behind the trend & styles, most of them are Homosexuals too. Its part of the GAY agenda! Its over for Rappers, if you want a major record deal! Youre gonna have to promote the Gay agenda! They are programming our youth, to make them think Homosexuality is o.k. And to become Gay! America wake up! Lets fight for our Kids! Great Song!

  4. @pikhienko Skateboarders started huge and baggy jeans back around 91-92, and might I mention both black and white skaters sported this style.. Hip hop didn't grab onto it until years later. Don't believe me? Check out hip-hop videos from those years and compare them with skateboarding videos.

  5. its true tho this tight clothes shit is not very cool……i love this song its hilarious and you tight clothes wearin kids are just trend followers no man in the right mind unless there gay (i have no problem with those people) would rock skin tight jeans lol……

  6. there rite tho..theres no more Lugs lol…its 2010 and this tight clothes fad is gayyyyy…everyone dress like emo kids…its gayyyyyy ha

  7. tight clothes aren't okay, but being a wigger with a fucking hair sculpture on your face is? how much meth do you need to smoke to think up doing that to your facial hair and then thinking it's cool. this is the rap equivalent of being a backward ass backwoods bigot. wannabe thugs.

    i wear fitted, and homie, i know for a fact i could knock that ass out.

  8. i think this is joke but they suck anyway.
    who gives a fuck about tight or oversized clothes ??? wear what you want . Thiz video suckzzzzzzz.

  9. most of the clothes they used as examples were not even that tight. personally i don't understand the point of the song. so what if you dont wear tight clothes, i dont wear flip flops should i tell the world about it?

  10. jesus….
    i dress like them too
    i dont think the song is good but i dont think the song is bad neather..but i agree with the message of it 😀
    basicly mostly all people that listen to rap and h-h will wear "baggies"
    and the rocker type of people will qear skinnies
    lets finish with that

  11. fuck you mate, don't be a bigot. although these guys are retarded, it doesn't have anything to do with their race. they are just retards

  12. wearing that retarded baggy shit leaves these fools with the most buckshot, hurt, shovel-faced bitches in the video. its a joke they equate wearing baggy shit to being hard

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