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38 thoughts on “Watch out for the False Prophets The Satan In Sheep clothes 🤔 The 😈

  1. Years ago I went to an African Pentecostal church. And the title of the pastor's message was: "IF YOU DON'T PAY YOUR TITHES, YOU'LL GO STRAIGHT TO HELL." And lo and behold, ALL the money that went into that church went directly to that pastor's debit card. He had all those people scared out their wits 🤣🤣🤣

  2. False prophets means exactly what it is, don't take their word it. Go study find yourself approved. Precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line, here a little there a little. Elder, these devils are here to deceive us in real way.

  3. Thing is this problem is really easy to solve. Just receive their message and tell them "God Bless you" 🤣✌️ don't give them anything. See how long they remain preachers then 👀


  5. So many of our ppl had been deceived in religion, deceived in politics, deceived in the medical industry, deceived in education, and deceived by their own kind. When are they going to come off the plantation of ignorance🤷🏾When you become the master of your mind you are no longer a slave.. 🔗. Peace and Love Elder 🌞❤

  6. Lots of scammers out there with the t.v. churches and other scammers too social security scammers the poor people and elderly

  7. Yes Elder you speak truth! Keep telling the truth! Honestly I think they ought to be all ashamed of themselves and hide their faces in the dirt. But a lot of ppl have no idea what shame is. It's sad really.
    Keep the videos coming elder they always help me make it through work and the struggles of the day. Much respect!

    Peace blessings & 🖤💚💛

  8. Get em Elder. If there was anytime for them to be christ like not a one of these daughters of satan offered aid to anyone.

  9. True elder church is big ponzi scheme here to rob the poor blind with these false. Sellout pastors t d Jake's dollor etc

  10. Elder they be fooling the folks with look at Jesus he needs u too pay me too have everything while the congregation continues too struggle folks so brainwashed with these useless churches and pastor cornballs I busted my former for his masonary and lying too the people

  11. This thing is beyond their control. They can’t do jack anyway… The good thing is that they can’t run as much game as usual.

  12. I was just reading your comments on a few videos an notice you gave only certain people hearts an there was alot of good comments

  13. The book Historical Origin of Christianity by Dr. Walter Williams clearly explains there is no such person by the name of Jesus Christ. Factually speaking the creation of this fictious character begin with the invasion of Greeks in Egypt. Contact brother Williams and he will this, as well as the first bibles that were written 🙏🏾

  14. I have been learning A LOT about the church & these wolves.. Definitely LOVES that $!!✊ Great video My Elder Bro.🔥🔥🔥✊

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