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34 thoughts on “What CLOTHING do Muslim girls put on? #shorts

  1. Modesty is key when we go out – but at home we can wear anything we would like ❤️ What are your fav outfits to wear?

  2. What happens if you are in your backyard playing with your kids and a neighbor looks over and sees your hair and other features?

  3. Do you have to wear an abaya outside like can you wear a sweatshirt and jeans with the hijab and go out or..

    I’m sorry if this offended you I don’t mean to offend anyone.

  4. So they talk about what Muslim women wear and who can see their hair etc. I've always been curious about the thobe (I think that's what it said it was) that men wear. Can you do a video on those topics? Thanks

  5. I have a question: say a Muslim woman has a female non-Muslim friend, and the friend invites her to a game night with other friends of hers, both male and female. Can a Muslim woman go to an event like that? Does it matter if the male friends of her friend are single or married? Would she have to be introduced to them first? Would she need an escort? Thank you for answering questions and making these videos! I've learned a lot that I didn't know ❤️

  6. Just so everyone knows most pakistani women don't wear hijabs, they wear chunnis on their head. Hijab is from what middle eastern arab women wear. Pakistanis are absolutely enamored by arabs. They copy everything they can from arabs. Still many arabs look down upon Pakistanis, Indians and Bangladeshis, pretty much all non-arab muslims.

  7. So they say at home they can wear anything ? How about not wear anything 😂 hey they’re husband and wife it makes sense 😂

  8. This was hilarious, with the thawb/"dress" comment and looking very worried when Sana asked "is that imitating women"?

  9. Umm u in the sec video said that in puberty its compulsury to wear a hijab so u have wear hijab ur full life?
    Or is it ur wish that u can decide to wear it to not normallly from the start?🤔🤔?I saw ur videos they are amazing 😃

  10. Hey I’m not a part of any religion but your videos have inspired me to never ever ever judge anybody based on someone’s religion especially when you know nothing about it. I’ve done a lot of personal about Islam since your videos sparked my curiosity and decided to visit a local mosque. I just wanna say I think your religion is absolutely beautiful and I want to thank you for personally changing my perspective on how I view people. Thank you I love you and keep up the good work.

  11. Not just Muslim, as a Catholic I was brought up with modesty all the way. am in the U.K. 22 yrs I still cover myself. When am praying we cover our heads. I think that’s why I relate with Muslim people more . We also pray 6,12,3,6 as well . A woman’s body is the temple of God. Modesty all the way

  12. I have a question! can you show your skin to boyfriend or lover if you want even if you’re not married yet?? is that a choice? 😋

  13. If you’re Muslim do you have to wear a hijab or a niqab? I love all of your content you two are so wholesome!

  14. I am new here and I like your content, I dont know if you will see this question or if you already talked about it in a previous video…what about the piercings? It is okey to wear piercings? Can guys wear piercings too?

  15. Not criticizing the Korean style of idols (females specifically, and their standards of short skin revealing clothing), but I think they can learn from you guys (not the girls because they don’t have a choice but the people who created that standard and still use it against them). I know they don’t have the choice but I do hope that all Korean female idols will gain that choice or option of fully covered clothing over revealing clothing. We gotta love our bodies, not change how they look because of society. They shouldn’t have to shave certain areas that will be shown in revealing clothing. The one thing I can be okay with is that they provide safety shorts for the girls so guys and other fans don’t see their nether regions and areas that should be well covered. Plus having certain skin conditions could make u feel stressed about wearing such revealing clothing, which always seems like an obstacle, at least in my eyes. Confidence is key, but our body, is the lock. And if we want to keep our bodies hidden then so shall we do, whether religious respect for our beliefs, or just in our own state of mind and opinion. So even though anyone can disagree with what I’m saying, I’d like to truly thank u for being a great role model in my eyes for other societies, even if that hasn’t happened yet, you’re still my role model. 😙❤️

  16. How do you go swimming???or if you even like swimming?I love learning about your culture and it is very interesting to me.I also wanna learn more

  17. I’m an lgbtq+ atheist but I find these videos super interesting:D and I love the concept:))
    Also y’all look super nice omg🥰

  18. I've always found muslim people so cool or interesting because I really like how they wear hijabs and I've barely seen one of those and to me a like dark skinned person (I'm not trying to offend anyone) I've always found their skin really pretty because I'm white so I like darker skin tones because I'm basically pale :3

  19. Do you still stay somewhat modest in your own home/around family? Like would you wear shorts (mid-thigh or shorter) or show cleavage around your children?

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