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Whitsuntide Garments by Pamela Ward and Paul Cherrington is a tune that remembers the competition of Whitsuntide and the Whit Walks. Subscribe: …

15 thoughts on “Whitsuntide Garments – Pamela Ward & Paul Cherrington

  1. Wonderful. It was such a magical day and tube captured the feeling so well. I want to make some little videos from my dad’s old cine films to show my 90 year old mum. One of the things I want to share with her is a bit with her, her mum and dad, and my brother and I all dressed up in whitsy clothes walking in the park.

    May I add part of your song to the video I make? I would add a bit at the end that gave your details. I know she wouldn’t read that bit, but others might see the video, too, when I make it

    Thx xx

  2. Gosh,how many years since I heard this 20-40-60 plus.Thanks for a great song and presentation. Love to you both. Terry Offord.

  3. This is beautiful. What a great encouragement for people to reminisce about this lovely celebration of life….Whitsuntide! Thank you for sharing.

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