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I had a sense clickbait bottoms wouldn’t match me purchase hey I do know now. No less than prime are doing fairly good for me. Hope you loved this video! When you like this video …

38 thoughts on “WISH Clickbait Clothes Haul Half 2 – Did Not Go As Properly As Half 1

  1. In the uk that shinny material is called polyester and is the cheapest nastiest fabric ever!! It makes you so hot and sweaty…nasty stuff I never buy it anymore.

  2. I think green suits you ,and some of the tops look better quality on you than they do in the picture 😊

  3. Hey Melissa. Question: what is the difference between “Limited Quantity Deals”, and “Click Bate deals”? If you’ve already explained, then I’m sorry. Maybe it was in one of your previous videos. But I watch all of them! Thanks

  4. wish is so fascinating to me. i wish (lol) i knew more about how it works and who set it up. i'm thinking some kind of chinese government economic development thing

  5. I remember the listings the purple dress came on. Some sellers only used the clickbait image then others used the ones that gave you the night gown vibe. Still not bad

  6. Hey! I love your videos!!!! ..I have a little trick for the Wish "limited quantity deals" – I personally have searched for clothing items, art supplies & cosmetics (and that's what I get for limited quantity deals) I go to the Wish search bar (at the top of the hour as you suggested, and it seems to work!) & I type in "screwdriver" so that when I scroll down, it is VERY easy to see/pick out my limited quantity deals. The screwdrivers have little color and the shoes, clothing & art supplies really stand out! Love your vids! 😀 ps I love your shirt, I have seen a similar blanket on Wish!

  7. You are so darn cute and I’m so glad to see this video..cuz I want to order shirts but I wasn’t sure if they would fit me ..and with all this mess going around money is getting a little tight ….thanks for sharing hun ..I’m new to your channel and I love it 👍👍👍👍👍

  8. Super cute stuff!! The "dress" looks very comfy, but I would spill something on it before I left the house so I would definitely wear it as a nightgown!! Love watching your videos! Keep up the great work!!

  9. Shop on Shein. Clothes are made better,and they offer coupon codes. I love Shein. Great video!!! 🙂

  10. I think its interesting that the pick up location being 15 min away is a deterrent. I live outside of Toronto and am used to a 60-90minute drive to work every week day. 15 mins away is nothing to me.

  11. You look gawgeous in purple and I love the low pigtails! So cute. Hope you’re doing well and keeping safe. Make sure you’re wiping down those packages with Lysol wipes. Cheers. 😁

  12. These clothes are so inexpensive that the manufacturer is likely underpaying the workers who make it, (sweat shop/slave labor), you are supporting that by making these purchases and encouraging others to do so as well.

  13. Hi so I ordered probably 100 limited quantity deals and lost most of them its been over 14 days and still haven't got a refund . Does it take longer to refund for that or do they scam people. Im frustrated cause I hope I didnt get scammed but I feel like I did and I used a Mastercard you buy at the store so I couldn't contact a financial institution. 😡😭😔

  14. I think u got some cute stuff!! I like that purple dress. Something simple u can put on a go. Love it!

  15. You got me to try to trust wish again but so far I have tried many times a day but not one 50 cent deal at any time and I was told I was supposedly to get one dog bed but the tracking thing keeps saying none on the description ,and I thought I got a good deal on a fuzzy blanket but it came not a 50 cent deal it was like a dollar and shipping but it came smaller than a bath towel. Got my funds back on wish cash but I am very discouraged with the deal thing I have used. My cash for different things that were cheep just to get something for my time

  16. Omg I wanted that fox shirt so bad but it’s sooo damn see through! I’m glad I didn’t buy it lol. Oh shit but it looks good on! I might have to buy it!! I love the jogger pants. I wear sweat pants like them around the house ALL THE TIME haha. Yessss I have the go fuck yourself shirt in blue! I’ve washed and put it in the dryer 4 times already and the design hasn’t melted or peeled or cracked at all! The blue tank top looks like a pajama shirt. I have that purple dress. I wear it over a bathing suit. Those leggings are tights lol

  17. Hi Melissa I have gone for the same shirt peace and love so its interesting seeing the green colour love your videos xxx

  18. ok i hope this doesnt come off as weird but i really need you as a friend lol, so nice, and your uplifting, i just get this awesome feeling when watching you, your not like other youtubers, i feel like your videos your talking to "us" as friends, instead of just subscribers without faces.

  19. Yeah I used your cold and I got 60% off 2 and to be honest I don't think it's been 30 days since I bought something but I could be wrong

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