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Man needed to “EXPOSE” me as a “FRAUD”… Nicely, I simply hope that is the publicity he was after… However hey, do not take my phrase for it, in case you’re an actual masochist, really feel …

26 thoughts on “Wolves In Sheeps Clothes

  1. There is so much nonsense in this video.
    you make so many errors, and invent statistics to suit you're narrative, example, at 5:35 he talks about condom failure rate and attaches that to women cheating? just because a condom fails dosen't mean the girl gets pregnant does it? Its literally retarded, completely unscientific and a baseless claim. how big is the dataset? i've never told a statistician about condom failure rate!
    What about saying that statistics matter but anecdotal evidence doesn't? its so stupid, statistics are a culmination of anecdotal experience! And some hot girl says she wants to go out with you and he's going to say " well based on the statistics you're going to cheat, have someone else's baby and then divorce me, so after 'quantifying' the situation with numbers i invented i believe that i'm better off advocating for white genocide on YouTube ". its truly pathetic. Men go there own way due to there own experiences (anecdotal) not because of some statistic.

  2. I love your content and how you look these numbers up etc. But this video… I am not sure, wouldn’t it be wiser to just don’t reply to those guys? I am you can never win anything in an argument anyway apart from personal satisfaction so why not stay away?

    Ps I did get the warning from YouTube too

  3. Well… If you say 30% of wives will cheat, you have to factor in that that number also assumes that you have a 50% chance of being low status or stupid. If you are picky and not just marry whatever comes along, your chances should be much better.

  4. 18:55 That's nothing you can fight. Even if the community was 100% perfect in every way and impossible to be interpreted incorrectly, which is already realistically impossible to achieve, MSM would just make up new lies for their relational aggression.
    Personally I don't bother with "communities" only with individuals.

  5. 18:10 The moment any community becomes large enough it basically turns into a statistical guarantee that there's going to be all kinds of people with psychological disorders among them. Psychpaths, Narcissists, Sociopaths, Sadists, etc.. And none of these are uncommon. Supposedly 1% of the general population are psychopaths, 4% sociopaths, 6% narcissists, etc. And wasn't there also some study that people with dark triad traits are alot more likely to post comments? So in terms of represenation among commenters it's probably even higher.
    Anybody with a large audience should probably be prepared for that.

  6. 16:10 Yet another example of who the kinds of people that flag/report hate speech are. It's just a tool handed to the most psychotic (or with some monetary or ideological interest in shutting people up).
    Also another good example why false accusing people can never be allowed to not have any consequences. Otherwise it's just a free shot for anybody who wants to attack somebody.

  7. Red pill men don't snitch and don't cancel each other. Simple as that. If people have done that, they're just pretending to be red pilled. More importanly Colttaine, thanks for the investment in time and thought that you've made and the contribution you continue to make. Appreciated.

  8. There was a paper back in the 80's pre-internet so good luck finding it where they stated that 27% of non identical twins had non identical fathers

  9. Look mate.. the overwhelming majority of the population doesn't read studies. Most don't even have the access to them. And even IF.. you need to know a bit about research methods and the scientific process to even be able to interpret if a study you read is valid or not. And even if they have that, they still don't have the educational background to put the information of a single study into a context where that information becomes meaningful.

    Everything in this world is so relative and the more you know about perception and neurology the more you realize how fucking impossible it even is to determine if our perception is anything more than just a subjective construct. Let alone if things are the ways they are, just because we observe and experience them to be so.

    Which means you shouldn't get triggered by stuff like that. People are just driven by impulses they can't control, (re)acting to their perception of their experience of their own lifeworld, doing what they feel is right and unfortunately that is rarely in touch with other peoples lifeworld.

    Just do your thing. Mankind is speeding straight into a massive climate crisis. All of these disagreements online.. why even bother? It's a billion people standing in a room where everybody screams and nobody listens. Doesn't mean you shouldn't take in alternative opinions and critizism. That's where you grow. But it means that personal attacks are just some random fuck acting out his emotions in a space where he feels safe. It has almost nothing to do with you.

  10. Why are you surprised? Did you expect these communities to be secret bastions of intellectualism or sth? These people you talk about aren't wolves in sheep clothing this is the majority of the population of every community nowadays (and always). Emotionally swayed, seeking a feeling of belonging, and easily distressed if confronted in what, let's face it, is their "safe zone" (many of them are in a difficult personal situation and seek comfort). Right, left, center, up, down i don't care, emotional people conform the bulk of a community, dishing the upvotes, keeping the circlejerk alive. And they don't ike criticism, especially coming from one of their "own".
    For how logical of a person that you are, you still have made a very illogical mistake: Tying yourself to the esentially cringy wasteland that is the fucking manosphere (I guess in search of a legacy?).
    Take the last step, leave those shithole circlejerks, and lead a happy offline life full of true fulfilment. It isn't worth it to keep making vids man. Just an opinion tho.

  11. And this is why this is the only MGTOW channel I actually like. Just cold hard data. Every political movement nowadays seems to like lying about data now. Even when they're fucking right on the main points or conclusions they still feel the need to overinflate the data. THE FUCK DOES THAT DO beside leaving weak points in your arguments that your opponents can abuse. God I hate modern discourse.

    Even with people who I used to consider sensible somehow feelings and anecdotes have more weight than cold hard data. They'll point out flaws in methodology of studies all day, even if those flaws can only really produce a few % points of variance. But anecdote? You can't criticize lived experience man, you're denying reality. No morons, I deny that you can extrapolate from a sample of 1 to an entire population. Well this became a bit of a rant. Now, back to watching the other half of the video.

  12. >using Reddit. …admittedly, i use Reddit for Warhammer 40k stuff. …but really, it's just a 4chan ripoff, with a condom.

  13. this is in India, btw. where they have Arranged Marriage, and slavery still. imagine what it's like in the "liberated" West.

  14. I'm unsure how to say this without sounding like I'm bashing MGTOW but there seem to be a lot of crazy people in this 'community' (admittedly this isn't unusual for primarily online groups) so people like this aren't unusual. The nutters in your own group are the ones you're most likely to interact with and get attacked by.

  15. I gave up some time ago trying to argue positions in comment sections or on Reddit forums. Since the advent of google every duché bag out there thinks he’s a well read genius.

  16. Me and my brother jump in excitement when our notifications alert us of your new videos. Your work is beyond great, hope there is more to come!

  17. I've been a regular on that sub for a long time and it seems to be filled with guys still in their red pill rage stage. Every other post you see there is about how women are bad… ok but what's next? It seems women just live rent free in these guys heads. The sub is less about "going your own way" and more about bashing women. I don't care about women, at this point I want to actually "go my own way"..

    Having said that, he does have somewhat of a point. The statistics you present are self reported and questionable at best. It's like with corona virus, we hear about all these new cases every day and how it is the end of the world, but nobody actually knows anyone who's died from this "pandemic".

    Fact is, that women today, have almost infinite opportunity to cheat. Anything, absolutely anything goes wrong in the relationship – couple swipes on tinder and she's fucking some hot guy from around the block. Why would she report it? At a certain point anecdotal/personal experience may trump whatever you find in some study somewhere. Personally I've never met a young attractive woman who either wasn't with multiple partners or changing men like gloves. So saying that "only 20% cheat" makes me question, where are those loyal 80%?? I mean look around you man, get your head out of graphs and excel spreadsheets, talk to women, see what they post on social media… Cheating has been normalized, they don't even feel guilty about it anymore.

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