Clothing and…

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Communicate English, Be taught English,
Movies of Colors, Fruits, Greens, Clothes, Jobs, and lots of extra of the Most Used English Phrases in easy clear video type.
English Vocab -Womens Clothes
learn in English with phrases and photos

This demo is made for cell phone screens so please click on on the ‘view smaller button’ on the YouTube participant to make the image sharper,

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Audio equipped by Accelerated Studying Techniques Ltd.all rights reserved

12 thoughts on “WOMEN'S CLOTHING – English Vocab TEFL – Communicate English, Be taught English,

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  3. I don't think you can learn a language by this sort of video's.
    I think it's better to hear the words being used in a sentence. That's how I learned my languages.
    (I know my English isn't perfect either, but I guess you can understand me)

  4. Stop it! I´ve asked that question to the person who made this to let him know IT WAS WRONG and she/he corrected it.
    DONEEEEEEEEEEEE! ENOUGH! Stop correcting sth that is already corrected! GOT IT? THANK U VERY MUCH!

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